Another great milestone of 5000 Subscribers to our AlphaBay subdreadit. Thank you to everyone for your participation in discussions it is greatly appreciated.

As you know we launched our proactive Harm Reduction Program called Professional Drug Checkers – /post/bf21c0889a4ac399d73f/

How can you help?

We are looking to add more people to the Professional Drug Checkers team world wide. Most people can apply but we have some basic criteria in place such as to have expressed interest in harm reduction (based on your posts), ideally to have created a review or two as well as be able to work with reagent kits. To begin with you will be given a few orders to test and if you do successfully you will be given further access to work with others from the team.

Benefits from joining the program are as follows:

  • You help out the community by alerting for dangerous products or vendors
  • You help out the community by reviewing drugs for purity and your personal experience if you wish to take them (we recommend always testing first)
  • You get to keep leftover drugs
  • You get paid a sign up bonus if you complete rounds of successful orders
  • You get paid per order depending of the country (difficulty of testing) and the type of drug you are testing per our standardised payout template

How to apply?
Send a PGP encrypted message to /u/hitch22 by laying out a few of the reasons why you think you are suitable (have done reviews before etc.).

Follow program updates and other misc updates at the official Professional Drug Checkers subdreadit at /d/pdc.

Thank you.

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