Now that everything is back to normal with the wallet module we are going to clear up the remaining tickets, PMs, requests etc. So give us 24 hours to do that before you create a post that concerns for all tickets even ones that are a bit older.

Wallet improvements:

  • Raised minimum XMR deposit for direct pay from 0.02 to 0.1 XMR.
  • You can have only 2 pending direct pay orders as opposed to previously 3.
  • All addresses are now pre-generated meaning no waiting on deposit.

I have tested the code and it will resolve all issues including possible delays. If there are any delays from now on, deposits or withdraws, please let us know promptly in this topic and they will be attended. This excludes ones that are missing previously, for those refer to support tickets. Should there be any delay we will improve performance of the scripts as needed.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by attackers attempting to flood the system. Now that potential vector for abuse has been closed off as all addresses are completely pre-generated and rotated if not used making for an efficient and secure wallet system.

We highly appreciate everyone that commented positvely up for us, we are back to make a change first and foremost i.e the decentralized project, do good on alpha and AlphaBays names as well as remind some of these marketplaces how it should be done. This post will be up until the weekend by then we should have everything answered to.

Thank you.

Edit: Some deposits are not crediting, looking into it.

Edit2: Found the issue of some deposits not crediting, it was due to it referencing to the previous wallet system not the new and improved one. Fixed and now running through to credit all deposits should be done shortly.

Edit3: All should be credited correctly. Any missing (during update) raise a ticket.

Edit4: We have cleared a good portion of tickets but there are much more to be done so please be patient, we are going to resolve everyone who has had issue. Also I had been testing to optimize for best performance and seems I pushed cluster relating to checking deposits a bit beyond what it was capable of handling and it had crashed for few hours (no lost as everything had backup) but am running the script to credit for the missing hours. The testing was required as it allows us to improve the system while getting the most out of available hardware. Now that we know where that limit is it should be smooth deposits and withdraws, we will also continue monitoring our systems while we do tickets, again be patient.

Edit5: We continue to do tickets. Deposits seem to be working but delayed, looking into this. Withdraws are working without any issue but some during maintenance have still not been credited (tickets yet to be resolved), we are going through it all as fast as we can. Appreciate everyones patience.

Edit6: Nearly done with improved code for wallet module. I am running the deposit and withdraw scripts manually so it might take up to two hours for it to clear, this is needed until I have tested the improved code. I have added incoming transactions visibility so everyone can see if we have detected the transaction or not (both wallet and direct pay).

Edit7: Improvement of the wallet module completed, running one final test and we will have officially ticked that off as done and move on to crunch all tickets. Please bear with us, we highly appreciate your patience.

Edit8: Wallet module is confirmed 100% functional. If you make deposits or withdraws they will come within the hour. For outstanding tickets feel free to post below or wait for response from Staff. We would also appreciate everyone who have gotten a resolution to post an update/edit on here on their original comment.

Edit9: Going through tickets as fast as we can. I presume within 24 hours all tickets will be answered. Apologies for the long response time we have been going as fast as humanly possible. Please exercise some patience and keep all posts within the topic to as previously stated, be easier for us to respond and manage.

Edit10: We are under heavy DDoS however it is now fully mitigated, been working on this in the last 2-3 hours. Even the site should be much faster than before. Getting back to tickets now apologies for delays but you can see other marketplaces attacking us and subsequently you the buyer/vendor by preventing me to do tickets and deal with DDoS.

However that will not and has not stopped us, you draw your own conclusions of the bad intentions towards the community in time where the wallet situation has occurred.

Everyone will be replied and credited. We are seeing lots of phished users and a few exceptions of buyers attempting to scam us by saying deposits did not land (e.g. even days before the wallet flood started). We will NEVER send you DM with a link or anything like that be vigilant.

Edit11: Still have some more tickets to go through but loads of them are completed. We estimate 1-2 days for the rest.

Edit12 (this has been fucking long): Have been busy mitigating the DDoS (once again). Really seems someone does not want us to resolve this. However by the business we continue to do it is clear the community have faith in us and we will not disappoint. Now that the DDoS from lamer script kiddies is mitigated (also allowed us to beef up even further our defenses thank you for the free testing), I will continue resolving tickets. Obviously this delays the timeline by ~14 hours but we will get there mid-week the latest. We appreciate everyone being patient.

Note: Tickets will moderator ‘tempest’ will be delayed a day or so after all other tickets are resolved. The moderator is not feeling well and his work load is seriously reduced. We have someone else resolving tickets but it is at a slower pace. If yours is being handled by that moderator please post in the topic and it will be escalated/taken off by another moderator.

Edit13: A lot (truly a lot) of tickets have been completed. There are approximately 100-150 left on my end. The ones that would cause additional delay are ones with moderator ‘tempest’. They are being resolved by someone else as the moderator is sick and can work limited time. We estimate end of the weekend to have all tickets that need my attention with me and I should resolve them quickly. We are almost at the end as you can see from the many people editing and posting getting their funds (and compensation). If you have waited even longer from now on you will receive an even bigger compensation for the delay. Once all of this situation is resolved I will make another post.

Stay tuned and highly appreciate everyones confidence in us to deliver a stable and secure experience for buyers and customers.

Edit14: All tickets are now with me including ones from tempest. I will go through them and I hope to have everything fully completed and answered by end of the weekend at the latest.

Edit15 (June 24th): Still got some more tickets to go through been busy with DDoS mitigation and other needed daily admin tasks. I hope to have it all done by end of weekend.

Edit16 (July 10th): Work has been slower on tickets on my side due to DDoS mitigation but I am making progress. Next week the focus is to have it completed and finish our upcoming updates. Apologies for the inconvenience and long resolving.

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